Black Friday: double payout & 50% off on Slimdoo®

Hello everyone!The holiday season is approaching fast and Black Friday is the perfect time to promote Slimdoo® products and solutions.Whether it's a gift for yourself, for a friend or a loved one, Slimdoo® is a very original...
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Nov 8, 2018

Win Big! New challenge (October 2018)

Hello everyone! Relaxation, appeasement and self-control are essential in a global wellness approach:to pass a competition, take a plane serenely or achieve a slimming goal...Our original objects are indeed perfect...
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Oct 2, 2018

New Slimdoo® Challenge (August 2018)

Hello everyone,  Slimdoo® wellness solutions are more and more appreciated (customer satisfaction = 97%). Our commercial policy and our products positioning (quality, originality, transparency, fast delivery, top customer...
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Aug 2, 2018
With Eldolink® Datas, your clients and prospects are given additional offers in order to maximize your ROI.

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