Black Friday: double payout & 50% off on Slimdoo®

Hello everyone!

The holiday season is approaching fast and Black Friday is the perfect time to promote Slimdoo® products and solutions.
Whether it's a gift for yourself, for a friend or a loved one, Slimdoo® is a very original choice and will be appreciated.
This year, we offer an exceptional deal for Black Friday: Double Payout for you & 50% off on Slimdoo®

50% off on all products, all Slimdoo® campaigns (Geo: Fr, Be, CH)
Whatever your way of sending traffic on our landings (emailing, push, SEO, media buying ...), whatever the campaign (Slimming belt, Relaxing ring ...), customers will obtain 50% discount using the code BLACK50.
You have nothing to do on your side, "the Black Friday template" will be displayed automaticaly.
Send a maximum of visitors between 23 and 26 November 2018: top conversion rate during these 4 crazy days!

Double Payout on the Slimdoo® online shop
All Sales through the Slimdoo® online shop will generate a doubled payout.

Yes, you read correctly, Double Payout !


- use urls, banners and kits provided in the Slimdoo section on
once logged on, get the promotional materials here
For emailers, you can directly get the Black Friday kit on or ask one of our affiliates managers to prepare it.

- This bonus does not apply if you already have a specific vip deal, negotiated off platform.

There is not a minute to lose, send your traffic !

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