• A huge market worth more than $100 billion

    A global industry

    More than 50% of your visitors have gone on a diet in the last 12 months!

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    Convert your traffic into cash with the No. 1 slimming affiliate program!

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  • Promote the Slimdoo® Slimming Program

    • Web and mobile interactive self-coaching tools
    • Original wellness contents & products
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    • Multi-billing
    • Eldolink® Optimizer technology led by Alex D. (Snoopy)
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Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well !From Wednesday June 22, 2022 to Tuesday July 19, 2022: prices are divided by 2 on our products. Take the opportunity to make big cash with us!Conversion rates are going to be excellent, don't miss this opportunity to effectively monetize your audience with our campaigns!

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The enormous slimming market

2 out of 3 women, and 1 out of 2 men want to lose weight, and they think about this problem at least 3 times a day: morning, noon and night…
Every month, hundreds of millions of unique visitors are interested in this subject.
Annual global sales are estimated to be more than €100 billion a year.
The Slimdoo® program, affiliated with Eldolink®, offers its members the opportunity to set their own weight-loss goals, to self-coach, to find recipes and to communicate with other users online.
Highest commissions ever on physical products.

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Eldolink® assets

Optimized tools

more money per visitor

Multi-lingual / Geo-localized

Convert your International traffic

Multi Channel/Billing

Internet, mobile and apps

Detailed statistics

Live and exportable

Exclusive contents

Premium products + Interactive members zone


5% on your affiliates

French company

A trusted partner

Secured payments

Invoices paid precisely and on time

Experts in the business

Pat, Fab & Alex

How to make money with a timely service

Sell physical products (Slimdoo® Stop, Light, Zen...) and digital products (The Slimdoo® slimming program).
Slimdoo® allows your Internet users to set their own weight-loss goals and to find motivation with slimming contents, including an ingenious self-coaching system.
With Slimdoo®, Eldolink® allows you to offer your visitors a rich and varied offer to lose weight:

  • Multi-lingual with geo-localization
  • Multi-channel (web, mobile/apps, premium rate number)
  • Multi billing (Bank card: abo and one shot, premium rate number)

With Eldolink® and its Slimdoo® concept, convert most of your visitors into happy and loyal customers.

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Powerful tools

With Eldolink® Optimizer technology, based on a proprietary algorithm, your audience is analyzed in real-time and steered to the most efficient channel and monetizing platforms.
A complete range of optimized tools are made available to you to transform your prospects into customers:
Banners, selling pages, mailing kits , email catchers,...
The goal: maximize your profit!

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Our team

Monetize your visitors efficiently with the assistance of online affiliation specialists.
More than 15 years experience, trusted by thousands of partners:
Pat & Fab, invite you to join them in the great Eldolink®adventure, a highly converting affiliation program!

A technical team, led by Alex D. (Snoopy), offers an innovating platform as well as very powerful and constantly optimized marketing tools.

Fabrice Cohen


Fabrice Cohen

Phone: 01 88 33 86 01

Patrice Scetbon


Patrice Scetbon

Phone: 01 88 33 86 01

Alexandre Durand


Alexandre Durand

Phone: 01 88 33 86 01



High Earnings

Satisfied Members

Eldolink® is designed to monetize your international audience. Do not hesitate to use your foreign databases!

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