Optimized tools

Fake banners dedicated to slimming, slide-up popups, email catchers, free interactive contents, Eldolink® offers powerful, tried and tested tools to transform your audience into cash!

Time to convert! Eldolink® gives you a unique code for every promotional tool and then deals with the rest.

Thanks to the Eldolink® Optimizer technology, based on a proprietary algorithm, your audience is analyzed in real-time and redirected towards the most effective solutions to generate revenues.


Multi-format, multi-lingual, fake and classic

Landing pages

Best conversion pages


Interactive and intuitive

Email catchers

Newsletters and prospect reminders


Premium rate number

Free contents

Calorie table, BMI calculation & ideal weight, calorie requirements

Eldo Tools

DHTML pop-ups, slide-up popups & corner advertising
Slimdoo® is an exclusive slimming program distributed on the Eldolink® platform.

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