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"Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day": This advice is spread everywhere, in all our media.

2 out of 3 women, and 1 out of 2 men want to lose weight, and they think about this problem at least 3 times a day: morning, noon and night…

Each of these opportunities is a good reason to start a new slimming program:

  • Approaching holidays
  • The day after a party
  • Important outings
  • Special events (weddings, anniversaries…)
  • Romantic date
  • etc ...

Everyone finds their miracle solution or magical recipe… People meet on search engines, blogs, forums and social networks to find information (calorie table, BMI…), secrets to prepare nice meals and tools to follow and measure their results.

Each month hundreds of millions of unique visitors take an interest in this theme: the slimming business is hence enormous and global annual revenue is estimated to be more than 100 billion euros per year.

As you know, the Web is an ideal fertile ground to develop this fantastic market.

Eldolink® offers you top-quality products (Slimdoo® Stop, Light, Zen...), powerful tools as well as tried and tested solutions to convert a significant number of your visitors into satisfied clients.

Our approach is built on the idea that it is not necessary to go on a diet to lose weight. The Slimdoo program, in affiliation with Eldolink®, allows its members to set their own goals, self-coach, access recipes and interact with other users.

In addition to the famous Slimdoo® products, Eldolink® also offers you the opportunity to promote Thé Toujours®.

Designed specifically for Eldolink®, Thé Toujours® is a high-end beverage, perfectly suited to a global wellness approach (verticals: slimming, detox, anti-aging).

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