Hello everyone !A big news will be announced soon on, due to the start of production, the statistics display will be disrupted during the next 24 hours.Best regards,Team EldoWith You, For You!
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Aug 1, 2016

Slimdoo® Ring (Official launch)

Dear Partners,It is with great pleasure that we launch today the Slimdoo® Ring.This is a beautiful object that already generates a lot of cash. The first customers...
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Jul 14, 2016

Eldolink Challenge (June 2016)

Hello everyone ! :)  Today we are pleased to announce the new Eldolink® challenge for June 2016 !This is an exclusive challenge for our revenue sharing partners.- THE NEW CHALLENGE*** Early Summer 2016 Challenge ***From June...
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May 26, 2016

New marketing tools 100% Summer (French market)

Hello everyone !The warm weather arrives and many people will be on a diet in order to lose their extra weight.This is a great time to offer them a little help to reach their weight loss goal.Following your many requests, we are pleased to provide...
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May 17, 2016

New mailing kits - Make money from all your traffic

Hello everyone !We are pleased to announce our new mailing kits on Eldolink® (french market).Monetize all your trafficThe slimming market is huge: More than one person in two want to lose weight.Also, products and services...
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Apr 27, 2016
If you need a specific development to boost your promotional material, our technical team is here to help you!

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