Enjoy the 2022 Black Friday with us

Hi there!

The next Black Friday is coming soon: the right time to broadcast Slimdoo® campaigns.

From Monday November 21 to Sunday December 4, 2022, prices are halved on all landings and on the shop.
Conversion rates will be naturally boosted!

All the visitors you send us (emailing, push notification, etc.) will display 50% off with the promo code BLACK50.
You don't have to do anything on your side, the Black Friday dressing will be automatic.

We have just put new kits on eldolink platform !

Some examples of kits available in your Eldolink Partner Area (french market):

Un ventre plat et plus tonique avec cet appareil abordable (Campagne Electrostimulateur)

Cette ceinture ventre plat vous aidera, testez-la vite (Campagne Ceinture Light)

Un moyen simple pour mincir et raffermir ventre, cuisses et fessier (Campagne Patchs magnétiques)

Rouleau masseur palper rouler (Campagne Slimdoo Soft)

Good business and big cash for everyone!

Team Eldolink®
Avec Vous, Pour Vous


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