Turn visitors into customers with the Slimming patches

Hello everyone ! 

After long months of testing, the "Slimming Patches" campaign is online.

Slimming Patches: an easy-to-use product, the best for your traffic
Made from plants and natural ingredients, these patches are popular with customers.
They are very easy to use, are sold at a very affordable price and are really great.
This is a top product, perfect for monetization via emailing, SEO or display.
The customer can choose, according to his objectives and his needs, to order the product alone or the product
+ the Slimdoo® program (Monthly subscription, can be canceled at any time).

> The landing pages at your disposal (fr market)

Landing for Men

Landing for Women

> Emailing kit

Un joli ventre avec moins de graisse

Un ventre plus plat avec moins de graisse

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