Improvements for Slimdoo® (Slimming belt)

Hello everyone,

Following your many requests and always with the objective of maximizing conversion rates, we just put online powerful new landings, dedicated to the Slimdoo® Light slimming belts :

Global Version

Women Version

- Men Version 

This belt is a very interesting support for who wants to get a flat stomach. In addition to a balanced diet and a little exercise, this belt can help to reduce cellulite and loose fat.

Your prospects will have the choice:

- To buy 1 belt (or more)


- To Buy 1 belt and test Slimdoo® (self-coaching offer)

Customers wishing to put the odds on their side opt for the monthly subscription after the trial time. They will have full access to Slimdoo® (multi-language private community, self coaching tools, daily tips and recipes, shopping list, table of calories,...).

6+20 euros (Sales)
20 euros/month (Revenu sharing)

Emailing Friendly:
Powerfull Emailing kits available for Slimdoo® Light (to maximise the profit generated by your databases).

We do our best to meet two objectives: maximize your winnings while ensuring optimum customer satisfaction !

Thank you for your confidence,

Team Eldolink®
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