Win more: Slimdoo Days May 01 to May 21, 2024

Dear Eldolink partners, 

The "Slimdoo Days" OP is coming soon with a very good conversion rate !
Don't miss this opportunity to convert your traffic into cash with our campaigns.
From May 1, 2024 to May 21, 2024, -50% on all our products, regardless of the landing page used.

- Send your traffic, the CRAZY-50 offer will be automatically activated:

The "Slimdoo Days" OP will be automatic for all campaigns on Eldolink or Eldolink's partners platforms:
All traffic you send to us will automatically benefit from a 50% discount with the promo code CRAZY-50.

- New kits have just been added to our platform:
The CRAZY-50 code will work automatically on these kits, during the OP.

La solution pour moins ronfler (campagne Aide nasale - Anti ronflement)
La ceinture sauna pourrait vous aider (campagne ceinture Slimdoo Light)
Patchs aux plantes parfaits pour magnifier votre ventre (campagne patchs magnétiques)

Best regards,

Team Eldolink®
Avec Vous, Pour Vous


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