Win big: Slimdoo Days May 01 to May 21, 2023

Hello everyone! 

The Slimdoo Days OP is fast approaching with its so high conversion rates!
A great opportunity to send traffic on Slimdoo® campaigns.
From May 01, 2023 to May 21, 2023, prices are halved on all landing pages and Slimdoo® store.

- Send your traffic, CRAZY-50 promotional code will automatically be in place:

The Slimdoo Days OP dressing will be automatic for all our campaigns :
No specific variable to set up on your links!
All the traffic you send to us (push notification, emailing, seo traffic, display & native ads ...), will automatically benefit from a 50% reduction.

- New kits have just been added to the platform:
The CRAZY-50 promotional code will work automatically on these kits, during the OP.

Un ventre plat et plus tonique avec cet appareil abordable
 (campagne électrostimulateur)

Elle vous aidera à dégonfler: la ceinture ventre plat
 (campagne ceinture Slimdoo Light)

Une astuce à tester pour tonifier votre corps
 (campagne patchs magnétiques)

We are at your disposal by skype if you need assistance.

Best regards

Team Eldolink®
Avec Vous, Pour Vous


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